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George Noory took over the reins from retiring Art Bell to become the host of America's most fascinating overnight radio program. Looking back on George's life and his passion for all things unexplained, it seems almost fated that he would fulfill this unique role.

While still a teenager, George joined NICAP, the UFO organization that was a precursor to today's MUFON. George immersed himself in the field, "so much so that I decided I wanted to go into broadcasting in order to do unusual stories in the paranormal and stories that the mainstream media didn't want to touch," he told After Dark. Indeed, George's very first broadcast interview, while a young radio reporter for Detroit's WCAR-AM, was with Roswell expert/physicist Stanton Friedman, whom he has remained a lifelong friend with.

George has a 30-year history in the broadcasting field under his belt in such positions as executive television news producer and news director. At age 28, he was the youngest major news market news director in the country when he was at KMSP-TV in Minneapolis.

Premiere Radio Networks heard him on his late-night radio program on KTRS in St. Louis. Known as "the Nighthawk," George's desire to cover paranormal topics with enthusiasm and skill impressed Premiere. He was then brought on board to host the Sunday night Coast to Coast show. And as Art's back problems became more severe, George was honored to fill in for him on a regular basis.

"Coast to Coast AM may just be the most unusual show I have ever witnessed or been a part of. You really almost have to be born into that arena, I think, in order to handle it. I was very lucky in that's the way I was guiding my own career. It was this thirst to really get to the bottom of some of these stories that kept pushing me," George said.

Other highlights of George's life include serving nine years in the U.S. Naval Reserve and winning three Emmy Awards as a news executive. But certainly manning the helms of Coast to Coast AM is a pinnacle for George, allowing him to pursue the unexplained on a grand scale.

It's become his destiny to guide the huge audience from more than 500 radio stations through the night in this dynamic format created by Art Bell. Get ready, cause 2003 is George Noory's year!

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